Crazy numbers: mobile marketing worth $19bn by 2011?

According to ABI Research, mobile marketing will be worth a staggering $11bn by 2011. Apparently, by the end of this year, it will already be a rather honourable $3bn market.

Now, I don't have the means (or inclination) to buy the underlying report but at least they divulge that the amount is to include proceeds from mobile search and mobile video, and I suppose one could predict that, in 4 years time, there may well be more advanced devices that will actually make it fun and worthwhile to use them for more elaborate surfing and rich media consumption. Not very specific though. Other than some foggy reference to the wealth of data carriers sit on and "due in part to mobile broadcast networks' presence in all major markets" (doh!), all the rest is apparently, well, apparent...

To me, it's a whole lot crystal ball-type assumptions.


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