Light-Green Moto

Motorola has recently been struggling a little to get the Koolaid out; it wasn't often the pinnacle of cool recently. However, today they unveiled a new phone, the "W233 Renew" (catchy name, huh?), and that phone is made of recycled plastic bottles. Now people might jump to the fineprint to see what the percentage of re-used components is, etc but, hey, let's just acknowledge that the concept is pretty cool, don't you think? 

However, from their press release, there are little bits that do annoy me a little. They say that:
"When designing the packaging, Motorola was able to reduce its size by 22 percent and the box and all of the materials inside are printed on 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper."
Now, why on earth can't you do this with all your phones? It surely is not that big a thing, is it? And that would give Moto also a big 2l PET bottle of KoolAid: imagine the headline telling everyone that Motorola embarked on a company-wide strategy to go green. Woah!