Zeemote, the 2nd...

I blogged about the Zeemote joystick for mobile phones a while ago (see here). Since then, it seems to have become all the hype: developers at GDC were apparently raving about it (no wonder, as the geek factor is really high: just look at the party photos). I have also had the opportunity to get my hands onto one at MGF last month and saw it in action with Fishlabs Heli Strike 3D helicopter game.

Now: I had not, at the time, made any remarks on the technical ability of this device, and it does play well. BUT I still stand by my grave doubts as to its commercial viability, and I think there are two things one needs to distinguish here:

1) Can it sell? This, I think, is a question of whether or not they manage to bundle it up with handsets. I cannot see this becoming a device capable of shifting serious units all on its on in the Carphone Warehouse or Radio Shack shelf right next to extra batteries, SD cards and headsets.

2) Will it be used? Again, and in spite of its technical capabilities: I cannot see people taking yet another device with them. I said it before, and I say it here again: "Do I have everything I need? Wallet, keys, phone, errm, joystick?" That just doesn't seem to work.