GPS mobile phone showcase - 30% take-up with the right service!!!

And the pretty news comes from Disney Mobile. The MVNO shared some insight on usage patterns of its subscribers, and there is some interesting little pieces of information that would suggest that the combination of a consumer value driver (here: security) with a technology (here: GPS) might make a business:

Allegedly 30% of the their subscribers use its GPS location tracking services (parents can locate their kids via the handsets' GPS functionality), and parents who do so use the feature 14 times per month on average.

56% of Disney Mobile subscribers are adults and 44% are children.

A take-up rate of 30% of a relatively novel service with high service usage (every other day) is pretty impressive for any media!

Final blurb: 30% of location requests were made from the Web and 70% from the handset, demonstrating the cross-platform nature of the application - and the huge potential of mobiles.


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