First GPS-equipped mass market phone out in Europe

It's out of its cage! Nokia tells us it started shipping the brand-spanking new N95, which includes - a first outside advanced markets such as Japan - GPS on board of a mobile phone (next to MP3 player with proper 3.5mm audio connector [!], 3D hardware acceleration, WLAN and a 5 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss lense)

Now, not only does the phone have GPS but also comes preloaded with Nokia Maps, an application that has the street maps for 150 countries in (the few remaining countries that presumably include such remote places like Queen Anne land in Antarctica probably don't have streets!).

This would arguably be into the face of Roger McNamee (see yesterday's post on this) concerning the defeat of multi-purpose devices. If the N95 would take over, it would probably be bye-bye to TomTom and other SatNav single-purpose devices. Since you are carrying your phone with you, it would also reduce the risk of your car being broken into: thieves apparently are mainly to into SatNav devices these days...


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