Handset Choice: Ease of Use Rules!

A lot of iPhones later, the industry now also has it black on white: Ease of use is the primary reason influencing the choice of a handset for users. Or so we are being told. It is not that surprising, is it? Here's the top answers users gave on what they look at when buying a new phone. It is taken from 1,500 interviews that were conducted for Nuance, a top sponsor of MEX (which is, you guessed it, a conference on Mobile User Experience).

So any vested interests aside, here's the top results:
  1. Ease of use (69.0%)
  2. Screen Size (61.4%)
  3. Coolness Factor (61.1%)
  4. Camera (60.8%)
  5. Range of Accessories (58.4%)
  6. Keyboard (58.1%)
  7. Battery Life (56.6%)
  8. Music Playback (50.9%)

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