DigiChoc brings its mobile games to the web...

Mobile games developer & publisher Digital Chocolate has started to port some of its games over to the PC format in order to allow players a flavour of it prior to committing to pay. Users can play the game as an online Java version for free. They can then choose to purchase it as a downloadable PC product ($9.99) or - directly from the website - on mobile (prices will probably vary per country/operator).

It is yet again a try to get word out to the gaming community by more than just placing the games on as many mobile operator portals as possible (which is still where the majority of games are being sold). Digital Chocolate have been on the forefront here: their Facebook adaptation of their hit title TowerBloxx has found a huge following on the social network. There is no information (or at least none available to me) to tell if this leveraged sales of the title on mobile, too, but it is a good way to bypass the very limited space that carriers' WAP portals can allow.

The online trial version is a sweet idea although one could say that some connected features and high-score tables (as available on said Facebook app) might add a little more flavour. I suppose any premium PC sales will add incremental revenue. From a mobile game developers' perspective, it is only one more port after all, a laugh compared to the hundreds and hundreds of handsets that need to be supported.

Well done, guys!


  1. Didnt Gameloft come up with this long time ago? Never heard if it was succesful for them or not...

  2. You're right. I merely didn't want to repeat too much of the news blurp... ;-) I do not know about the success of it either. What I do know is that they closed down their D2C offering (see here: http://volkersthoughts.blogspot.com/2008/01/even-gameloft-can-fail-apparently.html)

  3. I know about their D2C failure, but their PC games are a different story, right? I believe that one is still on. Check: http://www.gameloft.com/pc-games/. They are not Facebook connected or so, but they're there.