Nokia opens doors (if you read Finnish, that is)

Nokia launched its new Ovi platform to great fanfare. Ovi is apparently Finnish for "doors", which gives a hint on what they intend to do: lots of door-opening to "delivering experiences and services", which now is their business according to CEO Kallasvuo.

There is not too much on tangible details so far. Ovi is supposed to be the door (geddit?) to a bundle of services, namely their new music service, their revived N-Gage gaming brand (now a service and not a device anymore; good New York Times article here) and Nokia Maps. Then, it is said, it shall also "the entry point for other Web and mobile services". Which ones? Dunno...

Nokia is of course perfectly positioned to try and unify a content experience on the fragmented mobile space: its massive market share in most markets around the world allow it to push its platform onto a lot of existing devices. As an attempt of unifying the scattered environment, this is probably as good as it will get in the shorter term, so fingers crossed!


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