A whole Armada: Nokia, Vodafone, Sony BMG! And for what?

One of my true favourites, Groove Armada, have teamed up with all the heavyweights to bring their music, more specifically, their new album "Soundboy Rocks" to the very cutting edge of digital: whenever you b uy a Nokia N76 in a Vodafone store, you will get 1) a voucher and 2) a PIN to take to 3) a website to 4) download a song (you can store 1 copy on your computer and 1 on your phone, sorry, multimedia device). Easy, isn't it?

I would hope this will work (if only to help the good folks from Groove Armada) but the whole approach would appear a wee bit cumbersome: with every click, you lose consumers. With every change from one media to another (retail to mobile, mobile to web, retail to web, etc.) you lose them tenfold. So why on earth don't they just run and show off a mobile download service and/or pre-install some content to demonstrate the superb capabilities of Nokia's really fine devices? I don't get it...

When one reads on, it becomes clear, that this is clearly more a PR affair for both sides: the remainder is a hilarious marketing blurp: Nokia loves Sony who love Nokia who love everyone else... Vodafone's role, other than providing the retail space and being represented on the rather lame microsite with a logo - below the fold - isn't entirely clear. Executives showing their superiors that they actually do "something" in mobile? Is it just me or does this appear somehow pieced together?


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