>1/3 of mobile handsets were changed in 2006

So this is how fast the hardware landscape can change. Imagine BMW's market share could double (or be halved) in one year. With dynamics such as the ones reported here for the mobile handset sector, this would be entirely credible:

Some 36% of mobile phone users in Argentina replaced their handsets in 2006, according to a recent study by local consultancy Carrier y Asociados as reported by Cellular News.

The study, called Telefonía móvil 2007: Segmento individuos, concluded that replacement of mobile devices was common in all income segments.

According to the study, one out of four mobile telephony users in the country plans to replace their handset in 2007, which would mean nearly 8mn new devices.

"Young people aged below 18 tend to replace their device more than others because they want telephones with new features such as MP3 or cameras," Carrier told BNamericas.

Carrier also stressed that handset subsidies operators offer to clients are crucial to keeping turnover high, although he considered subsidies are lower than a couple of years ago.


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